Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) has been taught in Australian schools since the 1960s and now hundreds of schools across Australia teach the language of our nearest neighbour and popular travel destination. Warnbro Primary School teaches the Indonesian language under the instruction of a classroom teacher from years 3 to 6.

Our Indonesian program focuses on the acquisition of linguistic competencies and cultural learning, with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a variety of activities and tasks, and are encouraged to use their language skills in a communicative way at every opportunity.

Learning a second language;

  • broadens students’ view of the world, helping them to become more globally aware citizens who develop an understanding and respect for other cultures, people and their ways of thinking.
  • helps students develop transferable skills such as pattern recognition, linguistic problem solving, and an understanding of language conventions such as grammar and tense.
  • enhances listening skills and memory, and career opportunities for the future.

Why study Indonesian?

  • Indonesian is the national language of the Republic of Indonesia, Australia’s closest neighbour and an important trade partner. Learning Indonesian can open up many opportunities in business, government, education and tourism.
  • Indonesian uses the same alphabet as the English language and is phonetic, this means that words can be sounded out once the initial sounds are learnt. This makes Indonesian one of the easiest languages to learn as a second language for English speakers.
  • Indonesian is the tenth most spoken language in the world.