The School Day 

Gates Open 8.15 am ( Excluding Breakfast Club)

8.20 am :  Classroom Doors Open

8.30 am:      Teaching commences

10.40 am:    Recess

11:00 am:    Teaching recommences

1.00 pm:    Lunch

1:30 pm:      Teaching  recommences

2.30 pm:      Day concludes


Supervision before School

Staff are required to be in the school fifteen minutes before the hand bell at 8.20am. Prior to 8.20am adequate supervision of children cannot be reasonably guaranteed, so parents are asked to be aware of this and not allow children to arrive at school prior to 8.05am. Students are to wait in the undercover area until the handbell when they can proceed to class.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open every morning. It is held in Room 18 (in the senior block) and is run by staff on a volunteer basis. Breakfasts consist of Milo, Cereal, toast, cereal, baked beans and spaghetti, available to all. Breakfast club is open from 7.45am to 8.20am. Our school is proud to be a member of Foodbank WA School Breakfast Program. Anyone wishing to donate food to the Breakfast Club please place in the box in the school office.