At Warnbro Primary School we have four leadership teams – Student Councillors, Faction Captains, Student Voice and Your Move. All teams play vital roles within our school community.

Student Councillors

  • Help run all assemblies and special events.
  • Represent WPS on the Rockingham Junior Council
  • Meet and greet special visitors to our school and escort them around.
  • Introduce the STRIVE  assembly
  • Collect specialist certificates and fortnightly rewards for the STRIVE assemblies
  • Present the specialist awards and the councillors report at the STRIVE assemblies

Faction Captains

  • Help the sport’s teacher run school carnivals and other sporting events
  • Maintain the sports equipment
  • Provide equipment for the students at recess and lunch times
  • Collect and count our ‘Splasher’ tokens.
  • Present the ‘Splasher’ awards, sports certificate and sports report at the STRIVE assembly

Student Voice

  • Decide on the school’s fortnightly behaviour focus
  • Make sure the flags are put up in the morning and taken down in the afternoon
  • Discuss any student suggestions
  • Liaise with the Admin team regarding student suggestions
  • Plan and implement End of Term Rewards events
  • Present a report at the STRIVE assemblies

Your Move

  • Conduct a weekly Hands-Up survey
  • Run activities and competitions to promote active transport as a way to get to school
  • Promote state-wide activities – Walk Safely 2 School day, Ride Safely 2 School day, Bike week, etc to our school community
  • Present our Warnbro Walker awards and a Your Move report at the STRIVE assemblies
  • Earn points to spend on prizes, special activities and school infrastructure (bike and scooter racks) for our school by blogging about the activities run at WPS.

All our Student Leadership teams play a vital role in the running of our school. They meet once a week to discuss and plan upcoming events. Each week the teams begin with a focus lesson to help teach and support their leadership roles.

At Warnbro Primary School we expect our leaders to be exemplary role models – follow the school expectations and wear the school uniform and their badge with pride. They are required to sign a contract to show their agreement and acceptance of such an important position.