Please read this carefully with your parents, sign and return to school.

Note:  All Internet and email activity is subject to monitoring


I Promise – to only use the school ICT for schoolwork that the teacher has asked me to do.

I Promise – not to look for or show other people things that may be upsetting.

I Promise – to show respect for the work that other people have done.

I will – use other people’s work or pictures only when I have permission to do so.

I will – care for school ICT equipment, if I accidentally damage something I will tell my teacher.

I will – keep my password with private.  If I forget my password I will let my teacher know.

I will – log into to school devices using only my own username and password.

I will – keep personal information private when working online with anyone.

I will – download from the Internet only when my teacher has asked me to or given me permission.

I will – let my teacher know if anybody asks me for personal information.

I will – let my teacher know if anybody says or does anything to me that is hurtful or upsets me.

I will – be respectful to everybody online; I will treat everybody the way that I want to be treated.

I understand that some people on the Internet are not who they say they are, and some people can be nasty.  I will tell my teacher if I am ever concerned in school, or my parents if I am at home.

I understand – if I break the rules in this agreement there will be consequences of my actions and my parents will be told.


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Date: __________________


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