An increasing number of parents/guardians wish to provide their children with mobile devices for safety, security and/or emergency. This policy details the conditions under which mobile devices are permitted at Warnbro Primary School.  The school reserves the right to amend this policy in the future.

While mobile devices are permitted at school, it is discouraged unless there is a very compelling reason to do so.


  1. Students will only be permitted to bring a mobile device onto school premises for safety, security or emergency purposes (i.e. contact parents after school to arrange pick-up times).
  2. In order for a student to bring a mobile device to school, parents/carers need to write to the Principal requesting permission for the child to have a mobile device at school.
  3. Mobile phones must be turned off during school hours, and are to be handed to the class teacher before school begins and collected at the end of the day. Each phone will be placed in a zip lock bag with students name on it.
  4. They may only be turned on out of school hours when off the school grounds.
  5. While at school, students are the responsibility of school staff and DoE. Any instances that require emergency contact with parents MUST be through the appropriate staff member or a member of administration who will make the appropriate call to parents/carers.
  6. Phones are not to be used by other students.
  7. The school does not accept responsibility for any theft, loss or damage of mobile phones.
  8. The device is not used for inappropriate purposes (i.e. Students are not to take photos or videos on mobile phones on school premises.)
  9. Students who have smart watches must have them in ‘aeroplane mode’ during school hours and while on school grounds.

Inappropriate conduct

It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile device to menace, harass or offend another person. Hence, students with mobile devices must not engage in personal attacks, harass another person, or post private information about another person using SMS messages, taking/sending photos, videos or objectionable images, and phone calls.

Students using mobile devices to bully other students will face disciplinary actions as sanctioned by the Principal.


Students infringing on the principles noted above will have their mobile device confiscated and secured. It will be taken to the front office and be kept secure and the parent(s) of the student informed. Parent(s) of the student may collect the device at their convenience.

Any incidents of inappropriate behaviours through the use of mobile devices will result in disciplinary action as applied by the principal. The Principal may then withdraw permission to the student to bring a mobile device to Warnbro Primary School for a set period or permanently.

Ratified by School Board : 27/11/2019